ISO and STO Certified

Using certified and registered organization gives you the comfort that your project conforms to the strict international quality standards set forth by ISO and STO governing bodies.

Why do clients choose Intlingua ?

There are several good reasons why our clients prefer to choose Intlingua for all their translation and interpretation requirements. Let us give you a sampling of these reasons.on urna eros.

One of the major reasons apart from our super efficient services is the kind of ethics we employ. The Successful Translators Organization  (STO) Code of Ethics serves as our guide. At Intlangua we work with quality guarantees, confidentiality, impartiality and total transparency in all our dealings with clients. This gives clients the confidentiality they need to seek us out and rely on us to provide them with the services they require.

Intlingua offers translation and interpretation services World wide. We provide both onsite and telephone interpreting services as well as a 24 hour / 7 days a week translating services to cover all emergency translation needs for clients. The service is also a favourable choice for clients who work with different time zones in foreign markets.

  • From the rates we offer to the kind of service we provide, Intlangua is the first choice for translation and interpretation services that clients select.n quam.

Thank you for accommodating my request. It was a pleasure working with you and your team.

Because of your excellent service and rates, we consider you to be a trusted language partner who we can rely on to deliver every time. The speed of service and attention to technical details have been particularly pleasing.
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