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Translation services

The Intlangua translation agency offers customers professional translation services in many areas and on a wide variety of subjects from and into 100 languages from around the world.a eros.

An Overview of Intlangua’s Language Services

We offer translation and localisation services across a broad range of disciplines. Our professional, experienced staff specialists work in tandem with our worldwide network of reliable freelance translators to produce excellent, “best-in-class” translations. We make sure to screen our freelancers for source language understanding and native language writing skills in their subject area specialties. This explains why Intlangua´s work product is qualitatively superior. A short list of our language service areas is given below. Legal documentation – contracts, articles of association and litigation. IT and industrial equipment. Medicine such as instructional and research materials, case studies and booklets. Websites and advertising/marketing communications. Finance and business. Scientific research and papers.Software localisation. Proofreading, copyediting, copywriting and rewriting.

  • For more information about our agency and to find out about our complete range of services, please e-mail in quam.

Thank you for accommodating my request. It was a pleasure working with you and your team.

Because of your excellent service and rates, we consider you to be a trusted language partner who we can rely on to deliver every time. The speed of service and attention to technical details have been particularly pleasing.
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